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In-Ovation® L MTM

Having an attractive smile is important to most people.  Crooked and misaligned teeth can be a great source of embarrassment and social discomfort.  When the only alternative to crooked teeth is spending years wearing unattractive “traditional” metal braces, it can be hard to decide what to do.  Fortunately, the In-Ovation® L MTM System provides a third alternative: invisible lingual braces.

The In-Ovation® L MTM System is designed to work in weeks as opposed to years.  The twelve main “smiling” teeth are realigned using self-ligating, lingual brackets.  Lingual braces are attached to the tongue side of the teeth, which makes them a great alternative to aligning trays for minor defects.  In-Ovation® lingual braces have proven very effective for patients requiring less than 6mm of tooth movement.

How can In-Ovation® L MTM benefit me?

In addition to being quick and invisible, In-Ovation braces are at the forefront of technology.  The archwire (the wire connecting the brace brackets) never needs to be replaced, and that means fewer dental visits.  In-Ovation® braces are ideal for nervous patients because no injections or anesthesia are needed.

Here are some advantages associated with In-Ovation® L MTM:

  • Complete treatment takes 12-24 weeks.
  • Cost effectiveness.
  • Excellent results for patients needing less than 6mm of tooth movement.
  • Increased comfort levels.
  • Minimal impairment to speaking and eating functions.
  • Reduced plaque buildup due to decreased treatment time.
  • Requires fewer dental visits.
  • Undetectable braces.

How are In-Ovation® L MTM braces fitted?

In-Ovation® braces take mere seconds to fit.  Only the six most prominent upper teeth and the six most prominent lower teeth are affected.  Initially, there is a short planning phase, where the dentist takes X-rays to determine how the teeth need to be moved.

Once a plan has been devised, a small bracket is bonded to the tongue side of each of the twelve designated teeth.  Self-ligating clips are attached to the brackets, which allows the archwire to slide with minimal friction.  The self-ligating nature of the tiny clips means that no adjustments are needed.  The brace actually adjusts itself, according to the movement plan set out by the dentist.

The placement process is performed in a short, painless visit.  Less than 24 weeks later, the In-Ovation® braces are removed and the result is an improved, straight smile.  At no time should there be any discomfort, because the In-Ovation® System is gentle in its interaction with the teeth.

If you have questions about In-Ovation® L MTM braces, please ask your dentist.